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Facial Rejuvenation Specialist

Family Allergy & Asthma Center

Allergists & Immunologists located in Beaumont, TX

The appearance of aging skin on a healthy, active adult can make you look older than you feel. You can restore your youthful facial features with facial rejuvenation cosmetic treatments from Russell K. Perry, MD, and the experienced medical team at Family Allergy & Asthma in Beaumont, Texas. Facial rejuvenation helps you look younger and feel better about your appearance. Call the practice or use the online booking tool to find out if you can benefit from facial rejuvenation.

Facial Rejuvenation Q & A

What is facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation is a category of cosmetic therapies that reduce the visible effects of aging on your face through surgical or noninvasive treatments. Surgical facial rejuvenation can restructure the shape of your face and includes chin, neck, eyes, or forehead lifts. Noninvasive facial rejuvenation targets wrinkles and imperfections of the skin and includes chemical peels, injectable fillers, and laser resurfacing.

What are the most common facial rejuvenation treatments?

Family Allergy & Asthma offers three choices to restore a more youthful appearance with radiofrequency and laser treatments:

ICON™ laser therapy

Your doctor uses a handheld laser to erase moderate-to-deep wrinkles and lines while improving skin firmness, texture, and tone. The laser targets energy deep into the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen that fills in sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Laser therapy is noninvasive and you can return to your daily activities and work immediately.

Cynosure®️ TempSure Envi

Your doctor uses the TempSure Envi radiofrequency technology to heat tissues deep in your skin to regenerate collagen and tighten skin. TempSure Envi reduces the appearance of smile lines, crow’s feet, furrowed forehead wrinkles, and frown lines.

Cynosure®️ TempSure Firm

The Cynosure TempSure Firm is an add-on device to the Envi laser that sends pulses of light into the sub-layers of your skin, treating collagen and restoring support to your skin. As your body rebuilds the tissues, you’ll experience fewer wrinkles in the treatment areas.

Your doctor will discuss your cosmetic goals and recommend the best facial rejuvenation treatment to deliver results.

How many laser treatments do I need?

Most people experience satisfactory results with just one session using the TempSure Envi radiofrequency treatments, ICON, or TempSure Firm laser treatments. You’ll see immediate results, but for long-term results and continuous prevention of wrinkles, you and your doctor may decide to do additional treatments depending on your personal aesthetic goals.

Ready to restore a more youthful appearance with a noninvasive treatment option? To learn more about facial rejuvenation cosmetic treatments and determine which method is right for you, use the online scheduling tool or call Family Allergy & Asthma to book your consultation.

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